Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter


Calvin Edward Ramsburg, 2013

Acrylic on Paper

24 x 25


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When discussing history of a painting, I focus on the approach or subject.  Technique can be the subject in a non objective painting. Looking Glass and Mad Hatter had both started as demo for techniques in class.
I had just picked up the long out of print Dali Illustrated “Alice In Wonderland.”  The Dali illustrated Alice was only a limited edition; the 150-year anniversary edition was the first time general population could see the Dali illustrations. This came out the week I had the two demos started.  Being so elated about the new publication the line and color elements in my two demos took on the Alice subject.  I wanted a more abstractimage and more a feeling of Alice than the Dali.  I am very happy with how with the two results:  Mad Hatter and Looking Glass.  - CER