Artomatic comes to a close

Thank you everyone that came to see us at Artomatic in Frederick, MD.  We had a wonderful time, met so many great people, and saw some amazing art.  Hopefully Artomatic finds a home for next year.

A special thanks to Jennifer Finley, Steven Dobbin, and the entire crew at Artomatic.  Their tireless efforts were evident throughout the five-week event.  We are lucky here in Frederick to be able to work and play with so many dedicated and talented people.

We were also happy to create a special piece of art for the benefit of the Community Outreach Program at the Delaplaine.  Good people doing good work.  And thank you to Calvin Edward Ramsburg, Jennifer Butt, and Ed Becker for collaborating on "A Commission With No Rules."  We were able to raise $150 for the Delaplaine -- thank you to everyone that participated and contributed.  And congratulations to Emily Hanner of Walkersville for winning the painting.  Emily - we hope you enjoy the art for many years to come.

Looking forward to next year! 

Here are some photos from the Artomatic 2016 Gallery: