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In his words:

In Abstract Expressionist art, you are free from the constraints of everyday objects - no trees, no birds, no clouds - nothing you already have a preconceived feeling about. You have the opportunity to respond to the image completely fresh - as something you have truly never seen before, something you don’t have any words to describe. However, I don’t think it’s purely an intellectual exercise. It’s about the feeling or emotional response you get from looking at the paintings. With my work, I want people to feel they are walking into the paintings and becoming immersed in them. I hope people will let the paintings reach out to them. So much in this life is so distant and disconnected that, if a painting can elicit a visceral response in a viewer, then it has succeeded.

BT at FCC Nov 2016 CROP THIN.jpg


My paintings are a continuous search to find the meaning from the noise and texture that is built up as part of the under-painting and finding and developing the focal point, almost like a beacon in the chaotic noise of life. My process requires periods of study and reflection, and, periods of intense application. I need to allow for both moments of spontaneity to bring the painting alive and analysis to build the composition. Inspiration may come from a sketch idea; e.g., looking at the oil slicks in the street, or a boarded-up house which evokes mystery. While my drawings and paintings do not immediately reflect an object in reality, there is a strong sense of composition to move the viewer around a particular subject. A single line may have different colors encoded into the brush movements to react to the other areas of the painting; I often think of it as multi-colored muscle tissue which is holding the painting together.

Mr. Truesdale lives and works in Frederick, MD.


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