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Calvin Edward Ramsburg is an award-winning abstract artist whose work has been seen in solo and group exhibitions in America, Europe and Mexico. Mr. Ramsburg's paintings, executed in acrylic, combine drawing and brushwork, and are derived from a combination of personal events and environments he's known throughout his life. A career artist, educator and arts advocate, Mr. Ramsburg lives in Frederick, MD with his wife.

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An Artist’s Journey

Calvin Edward Ramsburg’s art, as we know it today, might be entirely different if it were not for a few fateful twists in his journey as an artist. Ramsburg grew up in rural Frederick County, MD, where the farmlands surrounding his family home served as his playground, and its resident wildlife, a subject of study.  

As a teenager, Mr. Ramsburg had already established a reputation for his highly realistic illustrations of birds rendered in pen and ink. “I was doing a lot of drawing,” says the artist who began sketching soon after he could hold a pencil. “I was fascinated by birds, their color and interplay.”

As a senior in high school, and the recipient of a perfect score on a Princeton Portfolio Review, he was introduced to Vo-Dinh Mai, a Vietnamese abstract artist, who was assigned to teach a two week workshop to Mr. Ramsburg and other advanced placement art students. While Mr. Ramsburg had studied impressionism and cubism along with classic representational styles, he knew nothing of abstract art and failed in his first attempts.

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