Ed Becker

Calendar 2018

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House Full of Yes Men

A work in progress was completed on the day of the Woman's March in Jan 2017.  The large areas of pink were inspired by the pink hats worn by the protesters that day.

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FDE All Night CROP FAT.jpg

F# D E All Night

Inspired by the musical notes of the song "Prove it All Night" by Bruce Springsteen (1978).

Prisoner of Love CROP FAT.jpg

Prisoner of Love

A wash of black over white invoked imagery of prison bars, with blocks of faded reds trapped in or out.


Fortunate Son


My Hundred Years War

That Time Sara Stayed CROP FAT.jpg

Between a Rock and Hard Place CROP FAT.jpg

Between a Rock and a Hard Space


The Prognosis was Good

House of Blues CROP FAT.jpg

House of Blues

A Road to the Moon CROP FAT.jpg

A Road to the Moon

La Señorita en Toledo CROP FAT.jpg

La Senorita En Toledo

Inspired by our visit to Toledo, Spain.  Wonderful architecture, culture, food, and color.

Lucys Addiction CROP FAT.jpg

Lucy's Addiction

Our adorable Chocolate Lab is relentless with her attention and affection.

The Haight and the Ashbury CROP FAT.jpg

The Haight and the Ashbury

Inspired by visits to the famous neighborhood in San Francisco.