Welcome to the exclusive online home of Ed Becker @ be dot gallery.

In his words:

My work involves the process of simultaneous construction and deconstruction of patterns, shapes, and puzzles -- typically over a period of time, sometimes a day, a week, or occasionally a year.

I gather inspiration from any number of sources. Current events, music from or near the belly of rock and roll, or books of fiction can all inspire.  I have written a number of short stories and read voraciously.

Once a canvas is selected, the paint flows in one direction, then another.  I experiment with depth, building layers over time.  All surprises are welcome here.  Discipline knocks at the door and delivers the final word:  Stop.  

Years of painting has led me to abstract expressionism. Artists such as Kline, Motherwell, and de Kooning offer a springboard into my exploration.

Mr. Becker lives with his wife in Frederick, MD.

Follow him on Instagram or email EdwBecker@yahoo.com.  See a sample of his collection below.

2018 Delaplaine National Juried Exhibit

2018 Delaplaine National Juried Exhibit