Welcome to the exclusive online home of Ed Becker @ be dot gallery.

In his words:

My work involves the process of simultaneous construction and deconstruction of patterns, shapes, and puzzles -- typically over a period of time, sometimes a day, a week, or occasionally a year.

I gather inspiration from any number of sources. Current events, music from or near the belly of rock and roll, or books of fiction can all inspire.  I have written a number of short stories and read voraciously.

Once a canvas is selected, the paint flows in one direction, then another.  I experiment with depth, building layers over time.  All surprises are welcome here.  Discipline knocks at the door and delivers the final word:  Stop.  

Years of painting has led me to abstract expressionism. Artists such as Kline, Motherwell, and de Kooning offer a springboard into my exploration.

Read an interview with Ed, conducted in the style of the Proust Questionnaire, here.

Mr. Becker lives with his wife in Frederick, MD. Follow him on Instagram or email EdwBecker@yahoo.com.  See a sample of his collection below.

2018 Delaplaine National Juried Exhibit

2018 Delaplaine National Juried Exhibit