Welcome to the exclusive online home of Jennifer Shoemaker @ be dot gallery.

Jennifer Shoemaker currently resides in Middletown, Maryland, and has a studio called IdleHands.

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She has been an artist her whole life, graduating in 2002 from Frederick Community College with an Associates Degree in Art.  She was a member of the Blue Elephant Art Gallery for several years, and participated in the first Frederick Artomatic.  She has spent the last few years honing her unique voice in abstract art, leading to a solo show at Frederick Community college in the Spring of 2016.  She also had a solo show at Unique Optique in June 2015 and was a participant in Artomatic in 2016.

Jennifer also teaches classes in abstract painting; to sign up for a class with Jennifer, register here.

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In her own words, "I think in color.  I find that I can say things with shapes and colors that I can not say in words.  My art draws inspiration from the world around me, particularly landscapes.  I paint maps of undiscovered places and leap with no fear to explore the mysteries of the heart and mind, and bring back a tangible souvenir."