Vicki Favilla @ Be Dot Gallery


Vicki Favilla is an Intuitive painter: she lets the painting reveal itself and considers every painting a puzzle to be solved.

“I don’t tell the painting what to do, it tells me,” says Favilla. Mostly Influenced by emotions, the season and music, Favilla sees seasons in colors and shapes. Music plays an important part of the painting process.

Mostly from the 70’s, somewhat eclectic. Lyrics will sometimes work their way into her paintings, or titles.

Favilla gets a physical jolt when she looks at abstract art, “It energizes me and makes me feel alive. When I am really into what I am doing, it is intoxicating. I live, dream and breathe it. Thinking of it constantly. Spending the day waiting until I can get to the canvas and let out my feelings and emotions.”

A Marylander her entire life, Favilla resides in the City of Frederick, with her husband and children.